Photo booth hire

Want to hire a photo booth? Then you are at the right place. We have over 70 photo booths spread over the Netherlands and Belgium. And they are cheap too. For €275 you can hire one for a full day with unlimited photo strip prints!

View this overview of the pick-up addresses in popular locations, such as Amsterdam, Antwerp, Groningen and Utrecht. We also have photo booths available in other cities. Use the search screen above to find them. Are you looking for a photo booth in Amsterdam? Then search by city Amsterdam in the search bar. Call Evan for free advice on +31(0)318-727274.

Photobooth digital €195,-

Hire a photo booth for a cheap price. Send the photos, videos and GIFs you have made via mail and/or text message. Afterwards, you receive all photos digitally.

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Photo booth with prints €275,-

Hire a photo booth with an unlimited number of prints, hire for a full day and with fun digital props. With this photo booth, you can make creative GIFs and record your own videos.

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What is a 'plug and play' photo booth?

A 'plug and play' photo booth is one you pick up, activate and return yourself. It means we can offer the photo booth at a very sharp price.

It is very simple to install a photo booth. Someone with no technical know-how can set it up in under five minutes. Click on this link to see a video of setting up the photo booth.
Can I pick up the photo booth the evening before the party?

In general, the photo booth is picked up on the day of the party and returned the following day.

It is often possible/desirable to pick up the photo booth the evening before the party. It can then be returned the following day. Or, if that falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it can be returned on Monday. And that is at no extra charge.

However, the photo booth can only be used on the day of hire itself.

Does the photo booth fit in any car?
The photo booth fits in an average-sized car. For example, it will fit in a Volkswagen Polo or larger vehicle. The photo booth consists of four separate parts that easily fit in a car. Do make sure that when you collect it, your car isn’t full of bits and pieces. Then you will be able fit it in with ease. You can find more practical information on this page: practical information.
Do you have a photo booth available for my party?

We always have photo booths available. On the ‘check availability’ page, you can see which pick-up address has a photo booth available.

Is unlimited prints/photo strips really unlimited?

Yes, unlimited prints really means you can take as many photos as you wish and print as many photo strips as you can.

The printer has a capacity of 1,000 prints, so you may have to replace the printer paper yourself. We will of course provide you with a spare roll of paper so you can keep on taking photos.

It only takes a moment to refill the paper and we have a clear video tutorial explaining how to do it.

Call Evan between 09:00 and 18:00


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